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After my devotions each morning I try to work on my memory verses.  Today, in succession, two verses came up that relate a great and important truth that a spoke to me.  The two verses were: Psalm 122:1 I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.  & Proverbs 24:10 If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. Adversity, in a simplified definition, means "trouble."  Certainly no one looks for trouble.  Sickness, accidents, mishaps, and the resulting distress happen in everyone's lives and are often unforeseen.  They can at times be daunting.  God teaches us not to faint in the face of adversity; not to stop doing what we are supposed to and performing our vows and service to God, family, and community.   I think that we have expanded our definition of adversity in our generation to include words like "tiredness" and even "opportunity." We usually aren't dealing with troubles as much as distractions an
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The "Pied Piper" & the Bible

Pied Piper ( You may recall the story of the Pied Piper who led away the rats from the town of Hamelin (Germany) to save the town from a plague.  Later, because he was not paid for his services – the Pied Piper came back playing his pipe and led the children away in retaliation. The story dates back to possibly 1200 A.D. (yes, I still use A.D. & B.C.).  The story is a metaphor for someone who through their charisma, talent, or even lies attracts a following to use or abuse. But there is actually an earlier metaphor than that which teaches a different and more important truth. It is found in Matthew 11:16-17 and also Luke 7:32  where Christ says:  But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows, and saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented. That piper was not a “pied piper” (pied meant multicolored outfit) – no, He was one


There is a hymn that I used to hear as a special at church when I was younger, the lyrics were basically a question that we need to ask ourselves and it went as follows: Do you really want revival? Do you really want God’s power? Do you really want His Spirit To control your life this hour? Oh, repent and turn to Jesus, Seek his face and humbly pray. Do you really want Revival? Are you willing to obey? If we really want revival and for God’s help in our lives, family, church, community, and nation it is going to start with:  1.     Turning back to God with complete repentance of sin and full dependence on Him.  ( James 4:10 ; 1 Peter 5:7 ) Don’t depend on yourself, your reasoning, your strength, your abilities. Look to and trust in the Lord. Ask forgiveness for your wayward and backslidden condition. Quit excusing yourself and come clean with God and turn from your sin or disobedience. 2.     Obeying God ( John 14:15 ) This is not complicated – it is simply allowing Him to be the prior


Have you ever felt like God wanted you to serve Him in some greater capacity? Then you considered yourself and decided that you were not up to the task? That is how most people feel as well. There are a couple of issues here though. First, we need to get our eyes off of ourselves and then we need to realize that God will enable us and anoint us to do anything He calls us to.  Let's consider David in this subject. In all David was anointed three times in his life. Each time he was anointed there was an escalation of blessings as well as responsibilities. The carnal man wants blessing without responsibility - but God looks for those He can use that are willing to help bear the burden of ministry and that He can bless as a result. The blessing I'm talking about is not of material goods, though God provides such things for us, but the blessing is to be use of Him in His service in a greater way for His kingdom and for His glory. David, even in his youth, was already serving and bea

Focusing on Loving God in a Very Distracting World

Have you ever felt like your life is distracted or scattered?  That your best laid plans for the day are often routed by some type of distraction, mishap, unplanned visit, problem, or even catastrophe.  Life is busy with many responsibilities and then even more challenges come our way. Add to those, our greatest responsibility in life is our relationship with God and service to Him.  How do we do it all?  Are we able to keep in focus as we should? It can be daunting.   Paul shows us that it can be done. In Acts 16:16 - 17:10 we see how that even in his life, he was able to keep God first while dealing with a great number of problems and unforeseen challenges.  In verse 16 we see a demon is cast out of a woman.  Paul and Silas have a great day, right?  But then, in verses 22 and 23, they are beaten and whipped and in verses 24-25 they are thrust deep into a prison and locked in the stocks.  I guess it wasn’t as great a day as we thought. But wait, God blesses and they are released fro


I remember I had a football coach, Coach Bush, he was the HIGH SCHOOL varsity coach, now I was a 185 lb middle linebacker my sophomore year – I was second string, played all the Junior Varsity games on Saturdays but would dress for the varsity on the Friday night before. He would allow me in the game a little at the beginning of the season, but not a lot, end of the game type stuff. Then our defensive end, Mike Finnessey, a senior, got hurt. The coach put me in having never even played the position before. It was 4th down and they were punting. On the punt return team, there are only two basic plays, return punt (mock a rush and run backwards to block for your return man) or you go and block the punt. I don’t even think I knew that at the time what the play was – I was going for the kicker. Well the ball was snapped, I started charging, you know what, before I knew it, I had sacked the kicker, we got the ball and we scored on the next series. I was the hero, I went to the sideline an

Love the Lord - then, you will Love what is His!

"A girl who received a book from a young man, read it and said, "What a tiresome book!" The young man said, "Did you notice who wrote it?" She looked at the front page and saw that the love of her life was the author. She began to read it again, and at the end she said, "I never read a greater book." What made the difference? Her relationship to the writer. Look at God. Is He good or evil? It all depends on whether you are single in heart or evil in heart. If you look at Jesus, you may see Him either as a deceiver or as a Savior. What makes the difference? Your attitude, your eye."   Bible Illustrations - Bible Illustrations – Illustrations of Bible Truths. You and I, at times in our lives or even right now, have not enjoyed the things of God. Particularly, His Book, His Church, His Will & Ways, and His People have all at times been a bore or even an annoyance. The problem we have is that we often do not love God like we should or we do